We’ve been busy with your family and friends coming into venus wanting to present you graduates with bespoke flowers!!! And rightly so!!! Hard work and determination we reckon deserves flowers. So here are our tips to consider when ordering a bouquet of flowers for graduation or presentation:

1. Keep in the back of your mind that these flowers are going to be photographed – so tell your florist. This is why we at Mimosa Flowers arrange and present the bouquets in such a way that all that every stem will be seen when held in your arms.

2. If you know she likes pink then tell us. If they like tropicals then tell us. If you want as many colours as possible then tell us.

3. If the graduation is the same day then you want flowers that have just started to open rather than completely closed.

4. These bouquets tend not to be in the water so as soon as you get them home, recut and submerge in water.

5. Make sure you take plenty of pictures and tweet and post your pictures on Facebook so we can see how our flowers have helped make a special day a bit more special!